June 4, 2023

It bag pack can become a reason, Celine Edge Tote Bag In Peach / Black Original Leather is not just the look, a brand can become a topic of fashion, but not because it is a luxury, its designer’s creative ideas and the commercial value of the brand, it is the driving force for success. Celine, now this has become the hot streets of luggage brand, because a smiley package, changed the fate of the brand, but also make it a popular fashion brand, whose handbag is fashion and street beat up people’s will allowances, would like to know why it is so red it? Today to tell you ten reasons why people love Celine bag.


Celine Luggage Tote

One reason: Celine Luggage Tote (smiley package) changed the rules of the game handbag

A “smiley pack” the brand Celine popular in the world, had just arrived when it was a bit like the “embarrassing” character style laughed, but the more controversial single product, the higher the rate jump red. Overnight, fashion, celebrities have this style Stock your little “funny” handbag. Luggage bag of success, but also for the emergence of Trapeze Trio pack bag and laid a good foundation.


Reason two: Phoebe Philo is a talented designer accessories

Phoebe Philo, the creative director of Celine. In Chloe Paddington bag during the design and Silverado package, the success of these bags can be more than just a coincidence, Philo superior design capabilities, the then almost dying brand Celine, overnight, into a leading fashion brands. If you want to try a big bag, choose Phoebe Philo design is absolutely wrong.


Three reasons: Celine handbag is a fashion symbol

Since luxury goods group LVMH hired a designer Phoebe Philo, Celine handbag has become the industry’s most popular brands. Despite the incredibly popular smiley package seize the limelight of other handbags, and even the classic Hermes Birkin bag. A fine selection of Celine handbags, you can explain, you do not listen to others, but began to have their own style, and has a sharp fashion acumen.


No one wanted to appear the situation, “hit the bag,” but currently the Luggage Celine Trapeze bag pack and have been unable to avoid this phenomenon, and even Classic Box retro package, the majority of the population has become a favorite style. But if you want to try a simple and elegant style, Edge package would be a good choice.


Four reasons: the details of Celine bag is always very interesting

Celine Luggage bag with Celine Phantom Luggage bag innocently tell, in fact, just the designer’s small mind, after Luggage two widened, there was the birth of the Phantom Luggage Handbags Replica.


Five reasons: Not all Celine bags are everywhere
Ten reasons to love Celine bag it bag of choice for popular
Six reasons: Hidden Logo to better reflect the brand qualities

As LVMH, Celine’s parent company, began to realize the obvious logo is no longer mainstream fashion, consumers are tired of having a “Tyrant” temperament Logo exposed way. Celine will not add any accessories a “Celine Logo” metal accessories, the inside of the bag you will only see a small metal signs Celine.


Seven reasons: Celine industry is not the slightest decline phenomenon

Editors from fashion to VIP customers, Celine has always been the most popular brand in the fashion industry. Although the show floor will be a strange idea, or that spring and summer 2014 fashion collection appeared to criticize the media, but they did not affect Celine sales, because the industry’s most influential people are talking about it, which is it maintained the momentum of rapid development.


Eight reasons: Luggage Tote smiley package is still a stunner street shooting

Although red smiley pack long time, but in today’s shot in the street, you can still see it exit. Smiley package through a special leather tanning process, and that it presents a gorgeous smooth texture. Compared smiley canvas bag Luggage, Luggage Leather smiley pack more investment value.

Nine reasons: Celine bag is essential to enhance the taste of the wardrobe section

If you carry a Celine bag appeared in the streets, without a doubt, you must be a tasteful fashion. Celine bag can make your outfit becomes more fashionable temperament, a tank vest plus a sports pants, but in a simple mix, if with a Celine bag, help you immediately improve temperament, just like magic.


Ten reasons: See? This exquisite Celine Classic Box package

An impressive brand is not that it looks, on the contrary, the brand is focusing on the quality and detail its key. Expensive and poor quality materials are obvious signs, when you open an internal Celine Classic Box package, you will be surprised to find that it looks like and external. Full leather work, to show the perfect softness and luxury, this is the most important details inside handbags. Let the value of $ 4000 + labels suddenly makes sense, and this is the reason it is worth buying.