June 4, 2023

Chloe in the grand launch of the new autumn and winter 2012 new trend –Alice handbags, modern and elegant style bag will set off a wave of wave of romantic city.

Chloe Alice Green Black  Tote

Chloe “Alice” bag style inspired by the 1970s, the atmosphere appears smooth lines and minimalist, with soft leather and python skin or natural vegetable dyed leather texture contrast stitching, giving Alice a unique color handbag bag body design. In the color selection, “Alice” bag diverse, with most soft pink series with thick dark series, and even surprise and cranberry color and other shiny color combined.

Chloe Alice Green Black  Tote_01

Bags 2012 autumn and winter trends in color above we defined as Oxblood, Gucci Duilio Perforated Tote masterpiece is like. In style, it seems that each have a number of large Tote long paragraph. I thought Lanvin JL Small Python Bowling Bag is a case, I did not expect this style spate out a lot of it, it seems that this year we all love Doctor Bag.

Chloe Alice Green Black  Tote_02

Chloe Chinese named Kou, is probably in the 1950s founded the brand. Previous decades has focused on the garment industry, until around 2002, began to involve bags and leather products. Although the history of Chloe bags involves field is not long, but now seems to have a lot of very popular series, headed style should lock bag paddington and Marcie series.

Chloe Alice Green / Black Large Tote Bag Replica compared to several other brands of Doctor Bag it, Chloe obviously a lot to appear deep. With a black and dark green colors, very very Tiaoyi Fu pick people apart. In addition to using light-colored, solid color suit to match, the other I’m really a bit of a lack of imagination. Leather looks very thick, certainly not a light weight, maybe someday determined a need to take a bend shape to scare customers, I would choose this package.

Chloe Alice Green Black  Tote_03

Recently, the stars fell in love with Chloe Alice new oversized handbag! Larry black money which is to become the new darling of the fashion circles. This bag can hold whole bag, more will umbrellas, wallets eleven accommodate inside. But the good nature expensive commodity, the price of 12,062 yuan in black and white, as well as brown, orange, red and black color stitching and more. As the influx of people love fashion, this 10,002 yuan a pile of aesthetics, you can afford to afford it?

Old fashion house Chloe in 1952 in Paris, France founded and French romantic style and elegant ambience perfect interpretation of the brand in the design, although previously started with clothing, accessories and footwear after the establishment, but Chloe bag It is the essence (especially Chloé creative director Clare Waight Keller took office). Chole bags usually use a variety of leather material stitching, its shape is simple, generous, full of luxurious modern.

Chloe Alice Green Black  Tote_04

2012 autumn and winter series launch of Alice bags, inspired by the 1970s style, with a popular doctor bag combined with the strong momentum rapidly into major IT Bag list. Alice did not oversized strap attached, but the hand across the two packages designed to be longer with easy one shoulder. Large capacity bag body, as if mounted endless feeling, and therefore subject to a number of Freaky fancied Yao Chen, Sun Li are all number one fan of Alice’s it!

Chloe Alice Green Black  Tote_05

And after the devaluation of victory, designer bags and more daring color conversion and stitching leather. After the launch of the Alice series is able to meet the different styles of the audience. Alice in gray suede stitching paragraph elegance was add a little more casual taste, outfit them more easily, by a lot of younger customers sought after piece. Bright colors plus wild atmosphere of crocodile, will look after the gas field full backs.

Chloe Alice Green Black  Tote_06

Size: 41CM x 25CM x 14CM
Material: Top quality genuine leather
Color: Green
The unique modern sense of fashion, creating a wit and humor atmosphere, glasses show the luxury of the overall aesthetic.