October 3, 2023

Gucci Gucci Bamboo bag, and now to the present, still loved by many stars, the most important is not only lightweight bamboo handle leather province, but also for the bag adds a modern taste, and therefore very popular. Gucci Gucci bamboo leather backpack series, each one is cleverly designed, together with tassel color compact design, the slightest reveal tenderness and sweet little woman.


Gucci Backpack With Flap Closure Black bag is when you leave home to travel, or work or sightseeing, or to join in nature enjoying the sun and rain, can be your everyday or you want to install anything close at hand so easy to carry stuff up to you. As a high-end luxury brand classic, Gucci has been a trend of people’s favorite, the classic double-G logo, red and green bag with bamboo handle, and so are the equestrian chain Gucci “familiar” classic elements.


While carrying a large bag, filled with heavy luggage to seem cool look will attract a lot of attention, however, to bear in their own body weight only be realized, no one tired shoulder for you to share, so when traveling to some To do what, in the choice of bags must “choose the amount of body bag.” When you select must try heavy bag that will be equivalent to the weight of what they try to pack the effect on the bag, or borrow a friend’s bag test back, back when try to pay attention to whether the bag with his back against the , belt and chest strap is appropriate, as well as men’s and women separately, and so on.


With a good bag, the same will not let you Yaosuanbeiteng filling. According to staff Pathfinder outdoor store presentation, filling the order of items in general (bottom-up): sleeping bags and clothing, lighter equipment, heavy equipment, supplies, beverages. Bamboo Shopper handbag is Gucci (Gucci) for its iconic elements – bamboo launch of new models, it will come out of this classic bamboo handle raised to new fashion heights. Bamboo into the bag for the first time since 1947, making Gucci artisans, until today Bamboo bag models have a more modern silhouette, Gucci has been committed to the feminine charm blend with the needs of modern life.

Bamboo Shopper highly functional bag body decorated with the word “Gucci Made in Italy” (Gucci Made in Italy), using a made of leather, leopard horse hair and pony and other materials. Removable and adjustable shoulder strap handbag enhanced functionality and comfort.


When the bag is recommended to purchase the professional guidance by a professional shop to buy, when to buy must be picky, do not just look at the brand, inappropriate and do not improvise rather not, after all, tired of the self. Bag to be considered when choosing the volume and style, users should also consider the size and shape as well as weight-bearing capacity and other factors, human figure is not high, do not select the volume too much luggage. In general, Ms. bag of choice is best not more than 60 liters volume. In addition to the choice of bags and see with your eyes, but personally try the weight back, around and often is the best feeling bag performance. Then advanced design, if you are carrying uncomfortable, this bag is not in line with yours.

As a high-end luxury brand classic, Gucci has been a trend of people’s favorite, the classic double-G logo, red and green bag with bamboo handle, and so are the equestrian chain Gucci (Gucci) “familiar” classic elements. From lightweight and convenient to the luxurious atmosphere of small satchel handbag from Logo’s full of patterns to a more rich and true fashion silhouette colors, Gucci’s transformation to see, people do not because they can not prove their identity with Logo and give up Gucci bags love it more affinity impressions and methods continue to surprise us.


Gucci 2014 launched again in many “stars” section of the package, Jackie Soft series of bags, there is a listing of Kate Moss (Kate Moss), Cate Blanchett (Cate Blanchett), Jun Ji-hyun and other stars in the bag. Diamante bright diamond pattern series uninhibited personality, Turnaround sided handbag fashionable fun to play. Gucci at the same time continue to make new exploration will flourish classic brand.


“Quality: Top Grade AAAAA/ 1:1 mirror quality
All of the pictures on website are 100% photoes of real products.
Main color: Black
Materials: Made of top quality genuine leather, imported anti-rust hardware
Size (LxHxD): 13.4″” x 15.9″” x 7.5″” (34cm x 40.5cm x 19cm)
Packaging: Gucci original dust-proof plastic packaging bags
Note: Gucci with the original serial number, serial card and a detailed description.