April 2, 2023

Hermes, Hermes. Classical Greek, Hermes is Mercury’s mean. Modern Hermes, to span luggage, clothing, scarves, perfumes, enamel, jewelry and household goods diverse product line to the essence and beauty of the design and extremely delicate workmanship, created a French favorite people in the world of high-end fashion brand. Hermes Hermes bag has two of the most classic, Birkin bag and the Kelly bag. Both in the world are taking a customized approach, and so when the need to purchase two to three years to get.
Look at this dress and posture, we know that this is a relatively old Ashley Olsen photos. Now what streets Zaiyu shoot, Ashley Olsen should face will not stop it. But Ashley Olsen The Row brand now also use something more, she is rarely seen in other brands of.


Hermes Sokelly Bovine Jugular Pattern Red (Silver) is not a brand of patent bucket bag, Hermes has been out a long time ago Hermes Market Bag in Violet Veau Doblis this bucket bag style. Although the matter from the color, texture or style, can not be seen is Hermes produced it. Sometimes I think, apart from a few signs that outside money, Hermes bags are many other designs are very general, unless directed brand, nothing else really need to buy.


If you think Hermes bags are relatively large, inconvenient to carry, you can choose who the money bags, high-barrel design, capacity is also great, but you want to back up a lot easier. Especially like the laid-back friend, this bag design is no longer fit enough. Actress Huo Siyan initially seen with this red Hermes So kelly handbags, lamented amazing. As a casual version of the classic Kelly bag, So Kelly because of the heritage of embossed calf leather and more attractive. “Barrel” shape shape, round, adjustable shoulder strap, this bag is not only very suitable for everyday use, but also the effect of surface finishing extraordinary boutique exudes elegance and confidence.


What kind of features Sokelly Hermes bag has it? Now it is above the overall market has a good trend, but also because so many users like it, but users like it, but also because it has its own characteristics, and in the pack when it comes to Hermes kelly.


First thing to say to that is, it is in the overall performance of the above pattern, for a bag, it’s in the design, if you can achieve good performance in terms of patterns, naturally, it will be able to achieve a good market while the Hermes kelly bag did this requirement, so naturally it has a good market, which is the market return for a design.


And it is compared, Hermes birkin bag but do not obscure the pattern above, it is precisely because of this hazy, it will increase the sense of some speculation, for now, there are many users in the choice of the time, such Hermes birkin bag, often also for this reason, because the pattern of hazy, often can be more lovely than straightforward, more flavor than straightforward.


So Hermes birkin bag will use this design, it is precisely because of this design, it has its own in terms of the characteristics of the pattern, so it compared to the previous one pure, but also has its own characteristics in many aspects, there are now It is also because many users in this regard, and this package choose to use.


For the Hermes brand, it’s time to design a product, often from the details of the various aspects to note that even this pattern, but also make their own achieve good details of the deal, it is precisely because of this, will make Hermes For other brands of the same brand has a certain transcendence, and now the most important jewelry market is designed.


In the design, not only to the overall shape to deal with, the most important thing it does not depend on the details of the pattern above this deal in place, while the Hermes brand has reached this point, and really reach a lot of users praise.


Quality: Top Grade, 100% mirror
Main color: Red (Silver buckle)
Materials: Made of top quality calfskin leather, imported anti-rust hardware
Size: 10.6 “x 11.8” x 4.3 “(W27 x H30 x D11cm)
Packaging: Hermes original dust-proof plastic packaging bags
Note: Hermes with the original serial number, serial card and a detailed description.