June 4, 2023

Here are all about Louis vuitton Epi all styles in the LV 2013 Christmas album of photographs of the most bright spots than EPI leather neverfull, as 2013’s flagship product, EPI leather both practical and personalized interaction qualities that do not conflict, sophisticated leather processing technology makes everyday handbag durable, but also highlight a variety of color choices the user’s unique personality.

Louis-Vuitton Epi Bag Green

Epi leather, its inspiration from the 1920s. LouisVuitton had used a texture, and to achieve this texture effects need to use extracted from plants were tanning agent for leather tanning, so you can make the leather has a more compact, flexible, hard to flooding, non-perishable characteristics. On the basis of the tanning but also deep dyeing, color effect thanks to its glossy leather processing and convex texture color technology. So Epi series has a strong waterproof, scratch resistant practicality, while yet elegant simplicity.

Louis-Vuitton Epi Bag Green_01

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Alma Mm Bag Green 5289 handbag section practicality natural Needless to say, my mother shopping or travel packages are more than enough, a total of seven colors to choose from, which are orange, bright yellow, fluorescent colors, black, lake blue, violet and indigo, from young to mature, from playful to sedate, too big to meet your needs.

Back in 1932, a champagne maker Gaston Louis Vuitton to create a commission of an elegant and practical, capable of carrying five bottles of champagne handbag (which are placed four bottles, bottle upside down), then the Louis Vuitton handbag Noe Under craftsmanship emerged, handbags colors to choose from a total of five, namely orange, fluorescent pink, black, ivory and blue lake, do not look small bag body, but it is a small body mass model.

This BREA classic doctor bag handbag is a new interpretation of style, yet stylish looks handsome strict sense, too large to accommodate the next IPAD or laptop, as a daily commuter or formal occasions are an excellent choice. There are three colors are ruby ​​red, ivory and black.

Louis-Vuitton Epi Bag Green_02

ALMA should be one of the most popular handbags in recent years, the street beat Bo even stars have fallen in love with it, and even glamorous beauty Fan Bingbing often carrying it appear in major occasions. EPI leather patent leather less playful, more of a feeling of elegance. A total of 16 color handbag, respectively optic purple, green and electro-optic, electro-optic black, indigo, ruby ​​red, violet, ivory, orange, black, gray, bright yellow, blue lake, carmine, mint green, cocoa color and phosphor color.

College Wind handbag bright spots, it seems less big sense of distance, more than a thick retro style, handbags small and cute, but also can shoulder slung, playful yet feminine. There are three colors to choose from, respectively, indigo blue, orange and fluorescent colors.

PASSY handbag named after a Paris street fashion, package type is relatively mature, can accommodate A4 size documents and daily necessities for Mature workers or slightly older ladies, including this bag is not very popular, so hit the lower package rate. There are three colors handbags are: ruby ​​red, ivory and black.

EDEN shape is very retro handbags, small but yet domineering neutral outfit is a good helper, silver-plated copper S-type lock is the finishing touch to enhance the fashion sense of a whole branch of handbags. There are three colors, namely, indigo, orange and fluorescent colors.

Louis-Vuitton Epi Bag Green_03

Pont-neuf is a name of the bridge in Paris, handbag full zipper closure design with elegant arches and vertical curvature of the cover and the metal snaps, very atmospheric. There are two colors, ivory and black, respectively.

Snap closure inspired by Montaigne series, wallet volume is small, but there are nine credit card slots, a photo-bit and double upshift coin compartment, can be described as small but perfectly formed, saving a lot of handbags space. There are three color wallet were ruby ​​red, ivory and black.

Finally ZIPPY zipper wallet zipper closure, there are eight credit card slots, two patch pockets inside, then file type 3 compartments can hold documents and passports, large capacity, the usefulness of high, making it the LV a best-selling wallet. Up to 12 colors to choose from, respectively, indigo, violet, ruby ​​red, lake blue, carmine, ivory, orange, mint, black, bright yellow, cocoa color and fluorescent colors.

Louis-Vuitton Epi Bag Green_04

– Epi Leather
– Silvery metallic pieces
– Optional shoulder strap
– Iconic Toron handles
– Zipped closure with padlock
– Interior phone and patch pockets
– Soft Microfibre lining
– Protective bottom studs
Size: 39cm x 27cm x 19cm
The High Quality Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Alma MM Bag Green 5289 comes with: serial numbers, Louis Vuitton authenticity card, Louis Vuitton dust bag and Louis Vuitton care booklet.