October 3, 2023

As rich taste, the pursuit of high-quality fashion beauty of life, you certainly missed handbag collection in the Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag. Relatively affordable price: Although Speedy now than a few years ago to more than 100 dollars more expensive, but many big-name design in the world, saw it still feels like the “gems like” excited. Now 25cm wide version of Speedy monogram pattern starts with 665 dollars, as a big-name comes from one of the world’s top luxury works, you will not find a more affordable trading. And like Speedy as famous and expensive design came from the less you have to spend thousands of dollars in savings.

Rich designs: Louis Vuitton monogram pattern design which is certainly the most popular version, but do not let this reality deceived you, think only this a pattern oh. In fact, many people do not like to have the brand logo design, if you happened to be one of them, you can also choose the same classic checkered and Epi leather version. In addition, each of at least two quarters Vuitton will launch a new design. For example, in 2010 in the autumn and winter series, Vuitton introduced a lot of use over many different leather material (including luxurious animal skins) of Speedies.

Abnormal firm: On this point, I think even non Vuitton’s “fans” all know LV handbag absolutely well-made, durable, especially their traditional handbag designs. And even if you need a little maintenance Speedy, Vuitton service than any other I can think of the brand to be good, of course, except Hermes, however, you can find a $ 1,000 Hermes following it? Latest LV Speedy 30 bag series is an upgraded version of Speedy handbags to Monogram Empreinte stamping calf production. Monogram Empreinte Speedy 30 bag series compact, but it also contains much of the capacity, a practical shoulder strap so you can have more laws to bring it back to the streets debut. Alma large handbag as Louis Vuitton’s iconic style, with fine Epi leather with a shiny silver brass fittings, spacious inside, classic shape, and a variety of colors.

Multi-size, super wild: Speedy handbag, has from petite to extra large size. If you do not want to hand, Vuitton also has a long shoulder strap design can be isolated, and in fact, in order to collapse the way back in use Speedy is also more stylish, luxurious feel like an upgraded version of a classic messenger bag. Once you decide how good the back, and even the smallest version of 25cm enough to hold your daily essentials.

Like Hepburn: To know Audrey Hepburn, but almost always been photographed carrying her favorite Louis Vuitton Speedy’s. Even big beautiful handbag feel good enough, I think for most civilian beauty should also be good enough for now. Although some people think this bag is also rampant, but on different sizes, colors and textures versions can choose a lot. Anyway, it can not change it is a bag full of extraordinary significance design, that luxury handbag in the world forever occupy an important position in history is definitely worth having, oh.

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The little sister of the keepall travel bag, Speedy is particularly spacious. This hand-held bag is closed with a large zipper complete with padlock.

Size (LxHxD): 11.8 “” x 8.3 “” x 6.7 “” (30cm x 21cm x 17cm)
-Epi Leather discreetly embossed with the LV initials, leather handles and base, tone-on-tone textile lining
-Shiny Silvery brass pieces
-Zipper Closure
-Padlock Provided