April 2, 2023

Nicolas Ghesquière’s first collection of handbags for Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags is about to be launched. This seemingly small “square box” has not been released globally, and it seems that Louis Vuitton is on the handbag. It is necessary to “take the lead”. You may remember that the LV 2014 Fall/Winter collection has a strong travel hardcase and historical culture, while Ghesquière’s Petite Malle and Malletage handbags make history lovers and fashionistas fascinated during and after the fashion show. The Petite Malle handbag is decorated with three cross patterns representing the photographer Albert Kahn’s personal logo, using different colors and material combinations. If you want to lose a piece for 2015, this small but “five” Exquisite handbags will be the most worthwhile luxury for you.

Petite-Malle subverts the design of the ladies’ handbags in the past, replacing the simple soft leather with a strong metallic material. The angular elegance of the metal blends with the classical elegance of the metal, making it exceptionally attractive in the colorful handbag show. Different. It is worth mentioning that the cloth jacket of Petite Malle can immediately transform its angular appearance into a soft and casual “cloth” backpack, which can not help but sigh the designer’s intimate creativity.

Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags

On the catwalk, the models were graceful and graceful, and the tide bags on their hands became the focus of the audience. This is the charm of LV’s latest handbag Petite Malle. The handbag is roughly rectangular in shape and has a smooth curve. A detachable leather strap is suspended from the sides of the handbag. The top buckle cover design and the metal buckle of the bag make this handbag have a sense of sight like a treasure chest. .

The Petite Malle Malletage handbag is the most sought-after and best-selling item in this series, perhaps because the price of this item is the price of the basic model, but with the New Year, the elements of the red fire are also very suitable. Coupled with the bright colors of its own appearance, it has won the love of many people.

Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags

In addition to the LV’s exquisite craftsmanship, Petite Malle handbags also feature a detachable black calf leather shoulder strap and gold-tone brass fittings, including a magnetic clasp and a striking S-lock with palladium metal extension. The Petite Malle handbag is lined with luxurious lambskin and measures 7 inches long, 4.7 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. The Petite Malle handbag dates back to 1868, when Replica Louis Vuitton Bags invented a zinc leather suitcase to protect the voyagers’ cargo. Each suitcase is decorated with the cross badge of the global traveler Albert Kahn. Eternal unique classic.

The Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags Monogram Canvas Petite Malle M41552 handbag made of Damier canvas is both durable and elegant, showing Louis Vuitton’s rich history. Inspired by the suitcases of the early 19th century, this handbag features three crosses from the upper-class social fashion photographer Albert Kahn. Its design is unique and classic.

Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags

Interesting, exaggerated, feminine: How to better describe Petite Malle mink handbags? Silky crepe and black calfskin combine to create a tempting handbag. The interior is finished with a soft Malletage printed lambskin lining, reminiscent of the interior of a classic ReplicaLouis Vuitton Bags. The iconic S-locking and hardware are made of gold-tone brass with a detachable chain and leather handles. Launched in a limited edition.

The highly anticipated Petite Malle draws some of the motifs from Nicolas Ghesquière’s 2015 annual tour collection. Made from printed lamb leather with a unique embossed feel, the bag is reinforced at the corners, and brass hardware and belts are designed in a typical Louis Vuitton bag. Even the soft lambskin lining is reminiscent of the long-standing Malletage pattern. Thanks to the detachable belt design, the Petite Malle Plume can be used from any time of day to night.

Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags

Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière draws inspiration from the colours, squares and stripes of the refined Petite Malle handbag. Wrapped in embossed lambskin, this petite handbag features gold-tone brass hardware and black calf leather trim. The hinged lid opens to reveal a soft cotton lambskin lining. The belt can be removed and designed for use with a crossbody or handbag. The Petite Maille Monogram handbag features Louis Vuitton’s traditional, chic design. This all-weather handbag is inspired by the Louis Vuitton suitcase to combine Monogram canvas with classic hardware accessories.