June 4, 2023

Miu Miu handbags 2013 autumn and winter show regression, the variety of the package, either from the material, or color, MiuMiu will make you clap, almost addictive. MiuMiu are many Hong Kong stars love heart, this new bag out of the last few quarters seems crazy colors and innovative style, return to the people familiar with the fold line, the use of color is also somewhat conservative, black powder rice so The pastel colors dominated. But this design but feel very cordial, favorability doubled!

Miu Miu Snap Lock Bag White

Always able to capture the hearts and minds of young girls launched a new Madras MiuMiu handbags, soft and yet a sense of style, both classic and trendy. The new unified and distinctive style handbag Madras, maintaining a consistent MiuMiu classic femininity and interest caused by aesthetics, but to meet the needs of modern women’s lives.

Miu Miu Snap Lock Bag White_01

All bags are used in the series of high-quality materials to build, lining is used softest suede calf production, and is equipped with multiple pockets. Hidden in the back of the bag from the outside zipper pocket, cell phone pocket inside the bag and credit card pockets, each design elegance and practicality are fused into one. Bags with smooth, but do the old surface slightly pale gold hardware detail, showing a touch of retro charm. Magnets embedded in the cortex, while ensuring perfect shape handbag open and close easily and seamlessly link Baoshen and unexpected color combinations (gray-blue sky blue with smoke, sun yellow and terracotta, natural brown and rose powder) is filled with modern but also unique.

Miu Miu Snap Lock Bag White_02

Miu Miu Original Leather Snap-Lock Bag White 6871 package, forever youthful romantic Miu Miu2012 extraordinarily delicate spring and summer accessories. Satin, velvet, lace, leather and other materials of the spring and summer stitching package, both youthful, full of young girls style pink, light pink, washed blue, there are more sophisticated and elegant navy blue, dark gray and other mysterious tone.

The material is also very particular about the bag, mainly in soft folds lambskin (Nappa Matelasse), with new technology presents its “Frame Bag” bag series, fold lambskin is one of the most representative of the brand material.

Miu Miu Snap Lock Bag White_03

Miu Miu Matelasse Frame series bags in two different sizes, are made of detachable chain belt, a variety of colors to choose from, such as lemon yellow and blue, these bright holiday colors, also with a navy blue and tan these more pastel colors.

The new series of handbags, clothing autumn and winter series continues the MiuMiu2014 movement elements, but also a strong yet feminine, minimalist style and design, better highlights the sporty fashion neat stitching different color, and a lot more flavor. Immediately enter and see MiuMiu new bag.

Miu Miu Snap Lock Bag White_04

Accessories section of the package is the continuation of this course, this trend, but still retain a strong miu miu intertwined femininity and color characteristics. Simple handbag models, will be filled nylon plastic texture and visual mediums motion stitching blocks of different colors. For those who love fashion bags female friends, the May Day holiday so when China in addition to the wallet than a fashion trend, it is quite need a good bag, especially some of the more stylish and durable bag products is quite suitable for use in all of them holiday.

Miu Miu Snap Lock Bag White_05

Maybe a lot of people will feel confused and do not know why this time on the inside, small series will recommend such a bag, in fact, that it is a very simple reason, which is the main reason that its dual chain design, not only in the summer which we do not have a hot feeling in such a bag slung out of time, but also because of the presence of metals and give us a relatively very cool feeling, which is the One. The second is that, in the summer, a lot of things which we have to travel when what mineral water, cosmetics, etc. are necessary to wear, who to wear the bag can hold more stuff is definitely better, and it is obviously like this double chain strap bag strap both in the design, or interior space above are very suitable for summer travel use.

Miu Miu Snap Lock Bag White_06
Quality: Top Grade AAAAA / 1: 1 mirror quality
All of the pictures on website are 100% photoes of real products.
Main color: White
Materials: Made of top quality genuine leather, imported anti-rust hardware
Size: 28CM x 21CM x 13CM
Packaging: Miu Miu original dust-proof plastic packaging bags
Note: Miu Miu with the original serial number, serial card and a detailed description.