June 4, 2023

Yves Saint Laurent brand’s most classic Chyc Cabas actress who is very popular in Europe and America as well, and like other popular styles of bags, Yves Saint Laurent’s this Chyc Cabas has almost become a street hand bag styles, and even Lady Gaga also can not resist the temptation. And this year, the official website of Yves Saint Laurent’s 2012 spring and summer series Chyc Cabas in the use of color is more bright bold.

Yves Saint Laurent Black

YSL Yves Saint Laurent Gucci Gucci’s now a part of, it’s not a particularly long history of the brand and, compared to many century-old brand, it’s kinda young. If YSL Muse 2 is selling classic package, so early autumn 2011 new CABAS CHYC package, can be said to be a popular star of Yves saint Laurent IT package! Launched after the cause of global Kuangxiao CABAS CHYC, most women have a practical need for high capacity, and can be cool handsome neutral elegant design.
Yves saint Laurent CABAS CHYC handbagscomes in two sizes, no long strap, only hand or arm attached to the front, perhaps because so special! And although the design CABAS CHYC neutral, but only out of a man bag handbag Oh no! Has launched a variety of bright colors, and rare materials such as ostrich leather and other options.

Yves Saint Laurent Black_01

Hot mom Miranda Kerr street shooting always pleasing, this time by Kerr carry handbags for Yves Saint Laurent’s popular bag models ‘Cabas Chyc’, the brand’s iconic “Y” word deduction is to identify the focus of this bag Oh! Founder handbagstype and simple design is more suitable for OL are used as a commuter bag, and in the choice of colors, you can choose either bright blue, green (like Miranda Kerr, like blue trousers with a blue YSL handbag) You can also select wild black and brown.

Yves Saint Laurent Black_02

Has been on the Y word fascinated, because my Chinese name also has Y. Always felt that there is a Y-carrying bag, like carrying their own special bag, perhaps because such a special feeling, even if renamed, it is still one of my favorite brands. In this handbagsor YSL’s cabas chyc, you want to start to be honest I do not understand, WHY Hedi Slimane should be properly renamed Saint Laurent Paris YSL good insurance Y-shaped elements remain, in the era of YSL cabas chyc, the bag also see Y-line design and the new Saint Laurent Paris Y Cabas (yes, even the handbagsname is changed) is less Y-line on this package.

Yves Saint Laurent Black_03

This handbagsWhether old or new, has always been the name of the people’s love, considered Saint Laurent Paris home of classic (left, really want to call YSL …) like angelina jolie, Lady Gaga, Miranda Kerr , Jessica Alba, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, and so many stars and even ladies are like, so this handbagscan also be regarded as an essential classic bag models.

Yves Saint Laurent Black_06

In fact, I began to want to buy a red, red is beautiful, but unfortunately the airport duty-free red mini sold out. mini size have braces, and the size is more suitable for me, and then make choices in sapphire blue with pink, pink quietly chose
Because I think there are other brands of navy blue bag is also nice, but very little pink. The Classic Small Monogramme Saint Laurent Tassel Satchel I also liked the little tassels super love, is to buy home, but this little one to be more than 40,000 coffee, I really was not going to buy a little pinch, super mini Classic Small Y Satchel is their latest flagship is also very red, but the capacity is really little better.
Later, I still pack a lovely pink Y Cabas like home. It is really beautiful, very spring color
Pink is the new spring and summer color, very brisk, many people choose to buy this handbags are mostly black, beige, coffee color, and other basic colors

Yves Saint Laurent Black_04
But I think this handbagsis worth buying bright, really super beautiful. Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent, Paris Left Bank with innovative, unique fashion style to create a colorful, romantic and elegant era Saint Laurent. Yves Saint Laurent brand has always conveys elegance, mystery and passion of Saint Laurent spirit. Fashion shoes, elegant heels embellished with large roses, more charming, the perfect companion for your feet between.

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“Quality: Top Grade AAAAA / 1: 1 mirror quality
All of the pictures on website are 100% photoes of real products.
Main color: Black
Materials: Made of top quality genuine leather, imported anti-rust hardware
Size (LxHxD): 14.2 “” x 15.7 “” x 11 “” (36cm x 40cm x 28cm)
Packaging: Yves Saint Laurent original dust-proof plastic packaging bags
Note: Yves Saint Laurent with the original serial number, serial card and a detailed description.